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(gdb) info registers
eax 0x0 0
ecx 0x0 0
edx 0x0 0
ebx 0x0 0
esp 0x0 0x0
ebp 0x98dab500 0x98dab500
esi 0xffffff00 -256
edi 0xb8bacc40 -1195717568
eip 0x0 0
eflags 0x0 [ ]
cs 0x0 0
ss 0x0 0
ds 0xffffff7d -131
es 0xd85ef4e0 -664865568
fs 0x60852 395346
gs 0x24e85a70 619207280
warning: (Internal error: pc 0x0 in read in psymtab, but not in symtab.)
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