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@mranney mranney/nm.txt Secret
Created Dec 20, 2011

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000000000014e920 r letters
000000000014e960 r format
000000000014e980 r bad_key_err.12462
000000000014f19c r __sys_nerr_internal
000000000014f19c R _sys_nerr@@GLIBC_2.4
000000000014f19c r _sys_nerr_internal
000000000014f19c R sys_nerr@@GLIBC_2.4
000000000014f1a0 r ___sys_nerr_GLIBC_2_1
000000000014f1a0 r __sys_nerr_GLIBC_2_1
000000000014f1a0 R _sys_nerr@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000014f1a0 R sys_nerr@GLIBC_2.2.5
000000000014f1a4 r ___sys_nerr_GLIBC_2_3
000000000014f1a4 r __sys_nerr_GLIBC_2_3
000000000014f1a4 R _sys_nerr@GLIBC_2.3
000000000014f1a4 R sys_nerr@GLIBC_2.3
000000000014f1b0 R h_nerr
000000000014f1c0 r null
000000000014f6e0 b __invoke_dynamic_linker__
0000000000175ab8 b __FRAME_END__
0000000000379748 t _fini_ptr
0000000000379750 b __CTOR_LIST__
0000000000379768 b __CTOR_END__
0000000000379770 b __DTOR_LIST__
0000000000379778 b __DTOR_END__
0000000000379780 b __elf_set___libc_subfreeres_element_free_mem__
0000000000379780 a __start___libc_subfreeres
0000000000379788 b __elf_set___libc_subfreeres_element_free_mem__
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