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Last active May 23, 2019
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Tom's Linux distro recommendations

Desktop Use

  • Ubuntu Budgie ~ My daily driver, works well, looks nice
  • XUbuntu ~ My favourite "lightweight" distro; nice and customizable while still managing to run fine on a Pentium 4
  • AntiX ~ For even older PCs (like my Pentium 3 laptop), AntiX Debian is lovely.

Server Use

  • OpenMediaVault ~ Quick and easy NAS OS with a fancy web UI. Handy if you're just getting into having a home server.
  • Ubuntu Server ~ Again, really familiar and really flexible. Not for terminal haters.
  • Proxmox ~ If you need a Hypervisor, Proxmox is my preferance since it's easy to pick up and, again, based on Debian.
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