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Restyle the buttons on book request screens so that they are not EXACTLY THE SAME

Yet Another Summon Patch

Summon is putting two request buttons on our book detail pages, each with different functionality. One requests the book from the catalog. The other places an ILL request. The problem is that they LOOK IDENTICAL and the HAVE THE SAME LABEL.

Dumb design

I wrote these two lines of jQuery three CSS rules to quickly make the buttons distinguishable until someone wakes up at ProQuest and fixes it for everyone. Here's what it does for us. You'll want to change the label text and the colors to fit your various mascots:

Less dumb design

/* Change the label of the Illiad button */
.documentActions a[href^="http://gvsu.summon"] {
background: #069 !important;
color: white !important;
.documentActions a[href^="http://gvsu.summon"]:after {
content: " GVSU Copy";
.documentActions a[href*="illiad"]:after {
content: " from Another Library";

mreidsma commented Jun 11, 2015

I should say that changing the "A&I Page" link settings had no effect, which is why we did this fix.

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