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Redux examples
import React from 'react'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { doClearQuery } from './some/file/of/action/creators'
// We again use a simple, functional component.
const OurComponent = ({ query, results, clearQuery }) => (
query: {query}
<button onClick={clearQuery}>Clear</button>
{ => (
<img src={result.url} alt={result.title} />
// mapStateToProps
// For our select function we're returning an object using
// the implicit return and wrapping it in `()`
const select = appState => ({
results: appState.results,
query: appState.query
// mapDispatchToProps
// We could also use object shorthand here to avoid
// building an object, as long as we're OK with the
// props being named the same thing
const actions = { clearQuery: doClearQuery }
// Now we'll pass both select and actions here
// and return our wrapped component.
export default connect(select, actions)(OurComponent)
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