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Example of the fpw_read_more_text filter in Feature a Page Widget 2.0. The widget uses an accessible "read more" link that says in full "Read More about {Page Title}..." to screen readers, search engines, etc. but only appears as "Read More..." The filter only modifies the visible portion of the link.
* modify the "Read More" text in the accessible "Read More" link
* example: change it to "Continue Reading"
* @param $read_more_text string The "________" in "________ about {Page Title}"
function fpw_change_read_more( $read_more_text ) {
$read_more_text = __( 'Continue Reading', 'your-text-domain' );
return $read_more_text;
add_filter( 'fpw_read_more_text', 'fpw_change_read_more' );

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@Georyudo Georyudo commented Jun 14, 2016


I found your plugin and I really like it! But I need to change the Read More text but somehow I can't figure out how to.

I added your above snippet to my functions.php file but I don't know what you mean with "your-text-domain". Do I change this string with my website domain?

Best Regards

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