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Ordered Args
# Mustafa Serhat Dundar tarafindan yazilmistir.
#-*- coding: cp1254 -*-
from __future__ import division
__date__ ="$31.May.2010 12:22:04$"
def kayitlar(isim, soyisim, yas, email):
kayitbilgisi["%s %s" %(isim,soyisim)]=[yas, email]
print "Bilgiler eklendi ! "
for x,y in kayitbilgisi.items():
print x
print "-"*len(x)
for t in y :
print t
isi = raw_input("isminiz : ")
soy = raw_input("soyisminiz : ")
yas = raw_input("yasiniz : ")
mail = raw_input("mail : ")
kayitlar(isi, soy, yas, mail)
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