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IntradaCreateSettings ("Settings", &settings);
IntradaSetCountries (settings, "NL");
IntradaCreateData (&data);
while (continue)
IntradaLoadImage (next_image_name, 1, &image);
IntradaDataSetImage (data, image);
IntradaRecognize (settings, data);
IntradaGetNumberOfPlates (data, &nr_plates);
if (nr_plates > 0)
IntradaGetPlateRegistrationNumber (data, 0, reg_num, INTRADA_MAX_CHARS_REGISTRATION_NUMBER+1);
printf ("%s\n", reg_num);
printf ("UNRECOGNIZED\n");
IntradaDestroyImage (image);
IntradaDestroyData (data);
IntradaDestroySettings (settings);
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