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An alternative to Unity's WaitForSeconds yield instruction that invokes a callback during each Update.
/// <summary>
/// Yield on a DoForSeconds object within a coroutine and the supplied callback method
/// will be invoked during each Unity Update cycle.
/// Example: yield return DoForSeconds (1, (elapsed, duration) => { Debug.Log (elapsed/duration); });
/// </summary>
public class DoForSeconds : CustomYieldInstruction
public delegate void UpdateCallback (float elapsed, float duration);
float elapsed;
float duration;
UpdateCallback callback;
public DoForSeconds (float duration, UpdateCallback updateMethod)
this.duration = duration;
this.callback = updateMethod;
public override bool keepWaiting {
get {
elapsed = Mathf.Clamp (elapsed + Time.deltaTime, 0, duration);
callback (elapsed, duration);
return elapsed < duration;
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