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mike suarez msuarz

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exports.build_multiple_files_engine = (done) ->
add_file 'people_perf_multiple', 'common', files.common, ->
add_file 'people_perf_multiple', 'test', files.test_common, ->
add_file 'people_perf_multiple', 'test1', files.test1, ->
add_file 'people_perf_multiple', 'test2', files.test2, done
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exports.Calculator = (function() {
function Calculator() {}
Calculator.prototype.square = function(x) {
return x * x;
return Calculator;
msuarz /
Created Dec 2, 2011
Conway's Game of Life in Coffeescript
class exports.GameOfLife
constructor: (@cells) -> @read_board()
evolve: ->
for row in [0...@size]
for col in [0...@size]
@evolve_at row, col
evolve_at: (@row, @col, neighbors = @neighbors()) ->
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