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Working from home

Mete Ercan Pakdil mtrcn

Working from home
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mtrcn / ilceler.json
Created Apr 5, 2020
Turkiye Ilceler JSON
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"bolge": "AKDENİZ",
"id": 1,
"il": "ADANA",
"ilce": "ALADAĞ",
"plaka": 1
"bolge": "AKDENİZ",
mtrcn / index.js
Last active Feb 25, 2020
Print ArcGIS Server Layers in a tree
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const axios = require('axios');
const treeify = require('treeify');
const server_url = '';
const getFolders = async function(){
let response = await axios.get(`${server_url}rest/services?f=json`);
def compareFields(jdbcDF, domainDf):
print "Missing Columns:"
print [col_name for col_name in [x.lower().replace(" ", "") for x in jdbcDF.columns] if not col_name in domainDf.columns]
print "Redundant Columns:"
print [col_name for col_name in domainDf.columns if not col_name in [x.lower().replace(" ", "") for x in jdbcDF.columns]]
mismatched_types = dict()
for col in (col_name for col_name in jdbcDF.columns if col_name.lower().replace(" ", "") in requests_consultaanvraag_df.columns):
colLowerName = col.lower().replace(" ", "")
destinationColType = str(domainDf.schema.fields[domainDf.columns.index(colLowerName)].dataType)
sourceColType = str(jdbcDF.schema.fields[jdbcDF.columns.index(col)].dataType)
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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00