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package com.marcelustrojahn.models
import io.ebean.Ebean
import io.kotlintest.matchers.shouldBe
import io.kotlintest.matchers.shouldNotBe
import io.kotlintest.specs.FreeSpec
class BaseEntityTests: FreeSpec() {
init {
// remember the database will always be empty in the beggining of tests
// so the id will be 1
"should be able to save a Person" {
val person = Person().apply { name = "John" } shouldNotBe null // id is filled on save
"should be able to select the Person from the database" {
val person = Person.byId(1)
person shouldNotBe null
"should be able to update the Person" {
val person = Person.byId(1)
person?.name = "Jack"
Ebean.find( shouldBe "Jack"
"should be able to delete the Person" {
Person.byId(1) shouldBe null
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