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How to solve audio problems with web games on

Browser: Google Chrome (Desktop and Mobile apps)

Starting with Chrome version 64, autoplay of audio has been disallowed in certain situations. As a result, web games on might be unable to play sounds. You can re-enable sounds in Chrome by doing the following:

  • Enter chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in your URL bar.
  • Change the “Autoplay Policy” to "No user gesture is required".
  • Restart Chrome.

You should now hear sounds for your games.

Note: This change needs to be done only once and will be effective for all websites you visit with Google Chrome.

Browser: Safari

Similarly to Google Chrome, Apple's Safari browser has established a policy to not autoplay media in certain situations, which also impacts audio for web games on

From Safari 11 onwards you can mitigate this problem by doing the following:

  • Go to "Settings > Websites" and choose the "Auto-Play" category.
  • Here, you can either allow autoplay of media for all websites (options in bottom right corner) or change settings for individual websites.
  • To quickly change the settings for a particular website, you can also click on "Safari" in the menu bar and choose the "Settings for This Website" option.

You should now hear sounds for your games.

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