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Last active Jul 2, 2019

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helmfile + flagger + istio + chatops demo

Generate a random password for verifying HTTP requests from GitHub to your WebHook endpoint:

openssl rand -hex 20 > /path/to/hook_secret

Decide the GitHub repository named for the demo:

ORG=mumoshu # Replace with your org name!
REPO=$ORG/demo-$(</dev/urandom dd ibs=1 obs=1 count=9 | od -tx1 -An | tr -d ' ')

Register your ngrok endpoint as a GitHub WebHook endpoint of your repo:

GO111MODULE=off go get

add-hook \
  --hmac-path=/path/to/hook_secret \
  --github-token-path=/path/to/github_token \
  --hook-url \
  --repo $REPO \
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