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Last active Jan 22, 2018
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Salesforce Process Builder: Generate formula code for matching multiple values
<label for="fieldName">Field name (include object):</label>
<input id="fieldName" name="fieldName" type="text" size="100" onkeydown="if (event.keyCode == 13) false">
<input type="checkbox" id="isPicklist" name="isPicklist" value="picklist">
<label for="isPicklist">Picklist?</label>
<input type="checkbox" id="isNot" name="isNot" value="not">
<label for="isNot">NOT?</label>
<label for="matchingValues">Comma-separated list of values to match (a single space is allowed after each comma):</label>
<textarea id="matchingValues" name="matchingValues" rows="4" cols="80">Foo,Bar,Baz</textarea>
<p id="createBtn" style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline">Create</p>
<p id="output"></p>
<p id="clearBtn" style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline">Clear</p>
var createBtn = document.getElementById("createBtn");
var clearBtn = document.getElementById("clearBtn");
// Defaults
document.getElementById("fieldName").value = "[Contact].SomeField__c";
// Handlers
createBtn.onclick = function() {
var fieldName = document.getElementById("fieldName");
var isPicklist = document.getElementById("isPicklist");
var isNot = document.getElementById("isNot");
var matchingValues = document.getElementById("matchingValues");
var fname = isPicklist.checked ?
"TEXT(" + fieldName.value + ")" :
var regexOr = matchingValues.value.trim().replace(/,\s?/g,"|");
// Return a string "FALSE" because the Process Builder needs to make a comparison to the target field name's value, which will be a string (or a picklist coerced to string via TEXT). If we use a boolean here, process builder will reject it as it won't compare a boolean to a string. Note that if a literal "FALSE" is a valid option for your field, then you will need to change FALSE below to something else.
var result = isNot.checked ?
('"FALSE", ' + fname) :
(fname + ', "FALSE"');
var formula = "IF(" +
"REGEX(" + fname + ', "' + regexOr + '"), ' +
result +
document.getElementById("output").textContent = formula;
clearBtn.onclick = function() {
document.getElementById("fieldName").value = "";
document.getElementById("isPicklist").checked = false;
["matchingValues", "output"].forEach(function (id) {
document.getElementById(id).textContent = "";
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muraiki commented Jan 22, 2018

Also, note that Process Builder still has SOQL limits that you can run into, which it apparently does not optimize for. My process was complex enough that I had to just write Apex code anyway. Yay Salesforce!

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