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Minimal working example for vtk export that got "cut off"
f <- function(x, y, z) x^2+y^2+z^2
x <- seq(-2,2,len=20)
ball <- contour3d(f,4,x,x,x, draw=FALSE)
### get the triangles
allids <- rgl.ids()
id <- allids$id[allids$type == "triangles"]
f <- file(filename, open = "w")
start <- c("# vtk DataFile Version 3.0", "3D Plot data", "ASCII")
n3 <- rgl.attrib.count(id, "vertices")
verts <- rgl.attrib(id, "vertices")
norms <- rgl.attrib(id, "normals")
cols <- rgl.attrib(id, "colors")
if (n3 %% 3 != 0) stop("verts not divisible by 3")
n <- n3/3
start <- c(start, "DATASET POLYDATA", paste("POINTS ", n3, " float", sep=""))
cat(start, sep="\n", file=f)
dat <- matrix(t(verts), ncol=9, byrow=TRUE)
cat(sprintf("%f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f\n", dat[,1], dat[,2], dat[,3],
dat[,4], dat[,5], dat[,6],
dat[,7], dat[,8], dat[,9]), file = f, sep="")
mat <- matrix(0:(n3-1), ncol = 3, byrow=TRUE)
cat(sprintf("\nPOLYGONS %d %d\n", n, n3), file = f, sep="")
cat(sprintf("3 %d %d %d\n", mat[,1], mat[, 2], mat[, 3]), file = f, sep="")
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