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object MyApp extends App {
// parses an integer from the "-port" flag.
// Finagle already provides an implicit Flaggable typeclass for Int
// usage: -port 9000
val port = flag[Int]("port", 8080, "port this server should use")
// parses an Env trait. See typeclass below
val env = flag[Env]("env", Env.Dev, "environment this server runs")
sealed trait Env
case object Prod extends Env
case object Dev extends Env
implicit val flaggableEnv = new Flaggable[Env] {
override def parse(env: String): Env = env match {
case "prod" => Prod
case "dev" => Dev
// best practice to turn this on.
// The app won't start if parameters are wrong or missing
override def failfastOnFlagsNotParsed: Boolean = true
def main() {
// access the port simply with the apply method.
// There are also other ways (get, getWithDefault)
println(s"Hello, World ${port()}")
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