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"""A training script of Soft Actor-Critic on OpenAI Gym Mujoco environments.
This script follows the settings of as much
as possible.
import argparse
from distutils.version import LooseVersion
import functools
import logging
import sys
muupan /
Created May 4, 2018
Download all lecture notes of "Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers" by Krishna Jagannathan. videos: notes:
set -e
# Download all the pdfs
wget -nc
wget -nc
wget -nc
wget -nc
wget -nc
muupan /
Last active May 14, 2020
How to build DeepMind Lab on macOS Mojave (as of 2019/02/01)
muupan / dqn.prototxt
Created Oct 20, 2014
A Deep Q-Network definition for Caffe
View dqn.prototxt
layers {
name: "frames_input_layer"
top: "frames"
top: "dummy1"
memory_data_param {
batch_size: 32
channels: 4
height: 84
width: 84
muupan / gdl-kif.vim
Created Sep 8, 2013
A sintax file for Game Description Language (GDL) in Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF).
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" A sintax file for Game Description Language (GDL) in Knowledge
" Interchange Format (KIF).
" Put this file in .vim/syntax/ and and add set filetype gdl-kif
" Example:
" au BufRead,BufNewFile *.kif set filetype=gdl-kif
syntax region gdlKifLineComment start=+;+ end=+$+
syntax match gdlKifArrow '<='
syntax keyword gdlKifFactRelation base init true next
from timeit import default_timer as timer
import chainer
from chainer import cuda
from chainer import function
import chainer.functions as F
from chainer import utils
from chainer.utils import type_check
import cupy
muupan / gist:6120294
Created Jul 31, 2013
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<name>ESC/Control+[ to EISUU mode in Terminal/MacVim</name>
<appendix>Change ESC to ESC, ESC, JIS_EISUU</appendix>
<appendix>Change Control+[ to ESC, ESC, JIS_EISUU</appendix>
<only>TERMINAL, VI</only>
<autogen>--KeyToKey-- KeyCode::ESCAPE, KeyCode::ESCAPE, KeyCode::ESCAPE, KeyCode::JIS_EISUU</autogen>
<autogen>--KeyToKey-- KeyCode::JIS_BRACKET_LEFT, VK_CONTROL, KeyCode::ESCAPE, KeyCode::ESCAPE, KeyCode::JIS_EISUU</autogen>
muupan / gist:66b42e3a3f755b5c35d3419276c1008e
Created Jul 24, 2016
ICML2016 reinforcement-learning-related papers
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Guided Cost Learning: Deep Inverse Optimal Control via Policy Optimization
Doubly Robust Off-policy Value Evaluation for Reinforcement Learning
Dropout as a Bayesian Approximation: Representing Model Uncertainty in Deep Learning
Learning Simple Algorithms from Examples
Stability of Controllers for Gaussian Process Forward Models
Smooth Imitation Learning for Online Sequence Prediction
On the Analysis of Complex Backup Strategies in Monte Carlo Tree Search
Benchmarking Deep Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Control
Cumulative Prospect Theory Meets Reinforcement Learning: Prediction and Control
Why Most Decisions Are Easy in Tetris—And Perhaps in Other Sequential Decision Problems, As Well
muupan /
Created Oct 1, 2013
Gale-Shapley Algorithm for stable marriage problem
Gale-Shapley Algorithm
import random
def shuffled(lst):
tmp = lst[:]
return tmp
muupan /
Created Sep 17, 2013
cd $dir
files=`ls -1`
# Set IFS (Internal Field Separator)
# See