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def LowestRootPwr():
This function prompts the user to enter an int.
Returns: Tuple of two ints, root and pwr, such that
root**pwr == userInput, while adhering to the
constraints: 0 < pwr < 6,
root and pwr have the smallest
possible absolute values.
while True:
userInput = int(input("Enter a number: "))
except ValueError:
print("Value entered not an integer.")
rootLoopStep = 1
pwrLoopStep = 1
if userInput < 0:
rootLoopStep = -1
pwrLoopStep = 2
for root in range(0, userInput + rootLoopStep, rootLoopStep):
for pwr in range(1, 6, pwrLoopStep):
result = root**pwr
if result == userInput:
return (root, pwr)
elif abs(result) > abs(userInput):
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