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Important last minute info, please read this whole email.

  1. Setup/dropoff: We've moved up setup to begin at 9:30am. Parking will be very limited (we suggest carpooling etc. and leaving extra time to park).

If you'd like to drop off your display, there will be people to meet you east of the Senate Building at the Capitol Complex from about 9:15am - 10:30am. The Senate Building is the eastern building of the complex. (See attached map).

For the whole schedule, please see the google info doc.

Check-in: When you arrive at Maps on the Hill, please check in with me (Jessie) at the AGRC table.

  1. Power/easels: Please bring your own power strips if you need power. Remember you must bring your maps on foamcore so they can sit on an easel, unless you aren't using an easel. We are still short on easels, let us know ASAP if you can bring your own/any extras. Thanks!

  2. Lunch: There is a lunch after Maps on the Hill for all participants sponsored by UGIC. UGIC would like everybody to give a quick update in a "round-robin" format. There is plenty of room to bring your displays to lunch.

  3. Map Book: The map book is ready! Here is the link- Please share the book and the attached flyer with anybody you'd like to invite. Thank you so much to everybody who worked on the book. It was a really great collaborative effort.

Thanks everybody, See you on January 29!

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