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@mwadman mwadman/cheatsheet.tex
Last active Dec 8, 2019

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A Tex file with multiple examples
% Packages %
% Page Geometry (Size, Margins)
a4paper, % Sets paper sizing to A4. Can also be set to 'letterpaper'.
top=20mm, % Sets top margin
bottom=20mm, % Sets bottom margin
left=20mm, % Sets left margin
right=20mm, % Sets right margin
% Fancy Header (And Footer) Package
% Hyperlinks
\usepackage[bookmarks=false]{hyperref} % Disables bookmarks when opened in PDF viewer. Needs to be set in \usepackage for some reason
colorlinks=false, % Do not color links
pdftitle={PDF Title}, % As shown when opened in PDF viewer
\urlstyle{same} % If unset, links are shown in monospace font
% Typeface/Font
% Font Awesome Icons
% Begin Document %
% Centered text
centered text
% Parted Text
Left Side \hfill Right Side
% Example Bulleted List
\item Item.
\item Another Item.
% Example Numbered List
\item First Item.
\item Second Item.
% Example Lines
\noindent\rule{\textwidth}{1pt} % Horizontal Line within margins
Text Here \hrulefill % Draws line to end of margin
% Example text formatting
\textbf{bold text}
\underline{underlined text}
\textit{italicised text}
\textsl{slanted, but not quite italicised text}
\textsc{Small Caps text}
% Example Text Sizes
{\tiny tiny} % Normal -3
{\scriptsize script} % Normal -2
{\footnotesize footnote} % Normal -1
{\small small} % Normal -1
{\normalsize normal}
{\large large +1} % Normal +1
{\Large Large +2} % Normal +2
{\LARGE LARGE +3} % Normal +3
{\huge huge +4} % Normal +4
{\Huge Huge +5} % Normal +5
% Example hyperlinks
\href{}{Substitute Link Text}
\url{} % For when no substitute text is needed
% Example change font
This is the thin version of the default font
This is the light version of the default font
This is the condensed version of the default font
And this is back to the normal version of the default font
% Example page break
% Example Sections
\part{part} % Level 0
\section{section} % Level 1
\subsection{subsection} % Level 2
\subsubsection{subsubsection} % Level 3
\paragraph{paragraph} % Level 4
\subparagraph{subparagraph} % Level 5
% Example import of a section
% Font Awesome Icons
\faGithub, \faLinkedin, \faStackExchange, and \faStackOverflow
% Fancy LaTeX Logo
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