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@mweagle mweagle/deploy.log
Created Apr 11, 2016

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INFO[0000] Welcome to Sparta Option=provision TS=2016-04-11T17:16:54Z Version=0.5.5
INFO[0000] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
INFO[0000] Verifying IAM Lambda execution roles
INFO[0000] IAM roles verified Count=1
INFO[0000] Running `go generate`
INFO[0000] Compiling binary Name=SpartaHelloWorld.lambda.amd64
INFO[0008] Executable binary size KB=13317 MB=13
INFO[0008] Creating ZIP archive for upload TempName=/Users/mweagle/Documents/gopath/src/MediumPost/SpartaHelloWorld440815707
INFO[0009] Registering Sparta function FunctionName=main.helloWorld
INFO[0009] Lambda function deployment package size KB=4779 MB=4
INFO[0010] Uploading local file to S3 Source=/Users/mweagle/Documents/gopath/src/MediumPost/SpartaHelloWorld440815707
INFO[0016] Upload complete URL=
INFO[0016] Uploading CloudFormation template
INFO[0016] Template uploaded URL=
INFO[0017] Creating stack StackID=arn:aws:cloudformation:us-west-2:123412341234:stack/SpartaHelloWorld/3a23f700-0009-11e6-91a2-503f20f2ad1e
INFO[0037] Waiting for CreateStack to complete
INFO[0058] Waiting for CreateStack to complete
INFO[0081] Waiting for CreateStack to complete
INFO[0100] Stack output Description=Sparta Home Key=SpartaHome Value=
INFO[0100] Stack output Description=Sparta Version Key=SpartaVersion Value=0.5.5
INFO[0100] Stack provisioned CreationTime=2016-04-11 17:17:11.265 +0000 UTC StackId=arn:aws:cloudformation:us-west-2:123412341234:stack/SpartaHelloWorld/3a23f700-0009-11e6-91a2-503f20f2ad1e StackName=SpartaHelloWorld
INFO[0100] Elapsed time Seconds=100
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