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@mweagle mweagle/application.go
Last active Apr 11, 2016

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Hello world for Medium
// File: application.go
package main
import (
sparta ""
// Hello world event handler
func helloWorld(event *json.RawMessage,
context *sparta.LambdaContext,
w http.ResponseWriter,
logger *logrus.Logger) {
logger.Info("Hello World: ", string(*event))
fmt.Fprint(w, string(*event))
// Main
func main() {
var lambdaFunctions []*sparta.LambdaAWSInfo
lambdaFn := sparta.NewLambda(sparta.IAMRoleDefinition{}, helloWorld, nil)
lambdaFunctions = append(lambdaFunctions, lambdaFn)
// Deploy it
"Simple Sparta application that creates a single AWS Lambda function",
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