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Maksym Pavlenko mxpv

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$ curl
# HELP container_cpu_kernel_nanoseconds The total kernel cpu time
# TYPE container_cpu_kernel_nanoseconds gauge
container_cpu_kernel_nanoseconds{container_id="test120",namespace="default",runtime_class="io.containerd.runtime.v1.linux"} 1e+07
container_cpu_kernel_nanoseconds{container_id="test12345",namespace="default",runtime_class="io.containerd.other.v2"} 1e+07
# HELP container_cpu_throttle_periods_total The total cpu throttle periods
# TYPE container_cpu_throttle_periods_total gauge
container_cpu_throttle_periods_total{container_id="test120",namespace="default",runtime_class="io.containerd.runtime.v1.linux"} 0
container_cpu_throttle_periods_total{container_id="test12345",namespace="default",runtime_class="io.containerd.other.v2"} 0
# HELP container_cpu_throttled_periods_total The total cpu throttled periods
mxpv / benchmark_test.go
Last active Sep 18, 2018
Containerd decompression benchmark
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package compression_test
import (
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Should pass:
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$ ../External/ctags/ctags.exe --append --fields=+ian --c-types=+cefgmnpstuvx --recurse --totals=yes .
1 file, 110 lines (2 kB) scanned in 0.0 seconds (1420 kB/s)
56 tags added to tag file (now 56 tags)
56 tags sorted in 0.00 seconds
mxpv / gist:5879528
Created Jun 27, 2013
How to make sublime text the default editor for git on Windows
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git config --global core.editor "'c:/program files/sublime text 2/sublime_text.exe' -w"
mxpv / DialogTemplate.cpp
Last active Dec 17, 2015
Small helper class for generating dynamic dialog templates in memory and handling all alignment stuff. (see
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DialogTemplate::DialogTemplate(const wchar_t * caption, u32 x, u32 y, u32 width, u32 height)
: _size(0)
Header header = { 0 }; = DS_SETFONT | DS_CENTER | WS_POPUP | WS_CAPTION;
header.dlg.dwExtendedStyle = 0;
header.dlg.x = x;
header.dlg.y = y;
mxpv / Win32.h
Created May 2, 2013
Slim version of windows.h header
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#ifndef SYS_WIN32_H
#define SYS_WIN32_H
// Slim version of windows.h header
#ifndef WIN32_EXTRA_LEAN
mxpv /
Created Apr 18, 2013
Building Clang
mxpv / gist:5262043
Created Mar 28, 2013
Git caret and tilde
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mxpv / gist:5187707
Last active Dec 15, 2015
Partition Type IDs
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For MBR-style partition, each partition will have one Partition Type ID.
System can tell the types of partitions by the ID, the following is the most frequently used Type ID.
0x07 NTFS
0x0B FAT32, used by DOS & Win95
0x0C FAT32 using LBA mode to access to FAT32 partition
0x01 FAT12
0x04 FAT16, less than 32 MB
0x06 FAT16, greater than 32 MB
0x0E FAT16 using LBA mode to access to FAT16 partition