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Pythonista add new contact to IOS
import contacts
import clipboard
import webbrowser
import dateutil
name = clipboard.get().split(',')
pers = contacts.Person()
grp = contacts.Group()
pers.first_name = name[0]
pers.last_name = name[1]
pers.middle_name = name[2]
pers.prefix = name[3]
pers.job_title = name[4]
pers.department = name[5] = [(contacts.HOME, name[6])]
pers.address = [(contacts.HOME,
{contacts.STREET: name[7],
contacts.CITY: name[8],
contacts.STATE: name[9],
contacts.ZIP: name[10],
contacts.COUNTRY: name[11]})]
pers.nickname = name[13]
pers.organization = name[14] = [(contacts.HOME, name[15]),(contacts.IPHONE, name[16]),(contacts.WORK, name[17])]
from dateutil import parser
string_date = parser.parse(name[18])
pers.birthday = string_date
pers.url = [(contacts.HOMEPAGE, name[19])]
#here name[20] would provide the name of the group I want the contact to be added to
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