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Creates a Structure for a PS Module for PowerShell Gallery
$GitPath = 'C:\Users\mkraus\Documents\GitHub\PowerShell-Gallery-Test'
$ModuleName = 'PSGallery-Test'
$Author = 'Markus Kraus'
$Description = 'PSGallery-Test is a Test'
$CompanyName = 'mycloudrevolution'
$Copyright = '(c) 2016 Markus Kraus. All rights reserved.'
$ProjectUri = ''
$LicenseUri = $ProjectUri + 'LICENSE'
$Tags = 'mycloudrevolution','test'
mkdir $GitPath\$ModuleName
mkdir $GitPath\$ModuleName\en-US
New-Item "$GitPath\$ModuleName\$ModuleName.psm1" -ItemType File
New-Item "$GitPath\$ModuleName\en-US\about_$" -ItemType File
New-ModuleManifest -Path $GitPath\$ModuleName\$ModuleName.psd1 `
-RootModule $GitPath\$ModuleName\$ModuleName.psm1 `
-Description $Description `
-PowerShellVersion 3.0 `
-Author $Author `
-CompanyName $CompanyName `
-Copyright $Copyright `
-ProjectUri $ProjectUri `
-LicenseUri $LicenseUri -Tags $Tags
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