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Wraps a SwiftUI View inside a ASDisplayNode
// HostingNode.swift
import AsyncDisplayKit
import SwiftUI
class HostingNode: ASDisplayNode {
var viewController: UIViewController?
override init() {
setViewBlock { [weak self]() -> UIView in
self?.viewController = self?.makeHostingController()
return self?.viewController?.view ?? UIView()
private func makeHostingController() -> UIViewController {
rootView: Text("Attention")

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@mycroftcanner mycroftcanner commented Oct 21, 2019

Wrapping a SwiftUI View inside a ASDisplayNode

We can initialize a node and provide a SwiftUI view to be used as the backing view.

The Text view nests in a UIHostingController, aUIViewControllersubclass that represents a SwiftUI view within UIKit contexts.

The view is provided via a block that will return a view so that the actual construction of the view can be saved until later. The node display step happens synchronously because a node can only be asynchronously displayed when it wraps an _ASDisplayView (the internal view subclass), not when it wraps a UIView.

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