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Last active Mar 22, 2020
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FROM redash/redash:8.0.0.b32245
ADD /app/redash/models/
import pystache
from functools import partial
from numbers import Number
from redash.utils import mustache_render, json_loads
from redash.permissions import require_access, view_only
from funcy import distinct
from dateutil.parser import parse
from six import string_types, text_type
def _pluck_name_and_value(default_column, row):
row = {k.lower(): v for k, v in row.items()}
name_column = "name" if "name" in row.keys() else default_column.lower()
value_column = "value" if "value" in row.keys() else default_column.lower()
return {"name": row[name_column], "value": text_type(row[value_column])}
def _load_result(query_id, org):
from redash import models
query = models.Query.get_by_id_and_org(query_id, org)
if query.data_source:
query_result = models.QueryResult.get_by_id_and_org(query.latest_query_data_id, org)
return json_loads(
raise QueryDetachedFromDataSourceError(query_id)
def dropdown_values(query_id, org):
data = _load_result(query_id, org)
first_column = data["columns"][0]["name"]
pluck = partial(_pluck_name_and_value, first_column)
return map(pluck, data["rows"])
def join_parameter_list_values(parameters, schema):
updated_parameters = {}
for (key, value) in parameters.iteritems():
if isinstance(value, list):
definition = next((definition for definition in schema if definition["name"] == key), {})
multi_values_options = definition.get('multiValuesOptions', {})
separator = str(multi_values_options.get('separator', ','))
prefix = str(multi_values_options.get('prefix', ''))
suffix = str(multi_values_options.get('suffix', ''))
updated_parameters[key] = separator.join(map(lambda v: prefix + v + suffix, value))
updated_parameters[key] = value
return updated_parameters
def _collect_key_names(nodes):
keys = []
for node in nodes._parse_tree:
if isinstance(node, pystache.parser._EscapeNode):
elif isinstance(node, pystache.parser._SectionNode):
return distinct(keys)
def _collect_query_parameters(query):
nodes = pystache.parse(query)
keys = _collect_key_names(nodes)
return keys
def _parameter_names(parameter_values):
names = []
for key, value in parameter_values.iteritems():
if isinstance(value, dict):
for inner_key in value.keys():
names.append(u'{}.{}'.format(key, inner_key))
return names
def _is_number(string):
if isinstance(string, Number):
return True
return True
except ValueError:
return False
def _is_date(string):
return True
except (ValueError, TypeError):
return False
def _is_date_range(obj):
return _is_date(obj["start"]) and _is_date(obj["end"])
except (KeyError, TypeError):
return False
def _is_value_within_options(value, dropdown_options, allow_list=False):
if isinstance(value, list):
return allow_list and set(map(text_type, value)).issubset(set(dropdown_options))
return text_type(value) in dropdown_options
class ParameterizedQuery(object):
def __init__(self, template, schema=None, org=None):
self.schema = schema or [] = org
self.template = template
self.query = template
self.parameters = {}
def apply(self, parameters):
invalid_parameter_names = [key for (key, value) in parameters.iteritems() if not self._valid(key, value)]
if invalid_parameter_names:
raise InvalidParameterError(invalid_parameter_names)
self.query = mustache_render(self.template, join_parameter_list_values(parameters, self.schema))
self.query = self.query.replace('__CURRENT_USER_EMAIL__',
return self
def _valid(self, name, value):
if not self.schema:
return True
definition = next((definition for definition in self.schema if definition["name"] == name), None)
if not definition:
return False
enum_options = definition.get('enumOptions')
query_id = definition.get('queryId')
allow_multiple_values = isinstance(definition.get('multiValuesOptions'), dict)
if isinstance(enum_options, string_types):
enum_options = enum_options.split('\n')
validators = {
"text": lambda value: isinstance(value, string_types),
"number": _is_number,
"enum": lambda value: _is_value_within_options(value,
"query": lambda value: _is_value_within_options(value,
[v["value"] for v in dropdown_values(query_id,],
"date": _is_date,
"datetime-local": _is_date,
"datetime-with-seconds": _is_date,
"date-range": _is_date_range,
"datetime-range": _is_date_range,
"datetime-range-with-seconds": _is_date_range,
validate = validators.get(definition["type"], lambda x: False)
return validate(value)
def is_safe(self):
text_parameters = filter(lambda p: p["type"] == "text", self.schema)
return not any(text_parameters)
def missing_params(self):
query_parameters = set(_collect_query_parameters(self.template))
return set(query_parameters) - set(_parameter_names(self.parameters))
def text(self):
return self.query
class InvalidParameterError(Exception):
def __init__(self, parameters):
parameter_names = u", ".join(parameters)
message = u"The following parameter values are incompatible with their definitions: {}".format(parameter_names)
super(InvalidParameterError, self).__init__(message)
class QueryDetachedFromDataSourceError(Exception):
def __init__(self, query_id):
self.query_id = query_id
super(QueryDetachedFromDataSourceError, self).__init__(
"This query is detached from any data source. Please select a different query.")
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