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@mymaneesh mymaneesh/cygwin
Created Nov 21, 2013

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$'\r': command not found
Problem: $'\r': command not found
Solution: create a ~/.bash_profile(in home directory) that contains
set -o igncr
Install Cygwin
Install Git Client for Windows
Install node.js for Windows
When installing Cygwin, choose the following packages:
Dev (install all works just fine for all of them if space is not an issue, and I’d recommend that)
gcc g++ C++ compiler
gcc mingw-g++
gcc4-4++ G++ subpackage
Python – install
Once that installs, before you’ll be able to successfully build anything, you should do a rebaseall by doing the following steps:
Close any instances of Cygwin
Launch a command prompt
Execute ash.exe (commonly found in C:\Cygwin\bin)
Execute ./rebaseall –v
You should see results similar to the following:
/usr/lib/abc.dll new base = 1234, new size = 1234
Now it’s time for us to pull down a fresh copy of node.js. You can either do it from wget and unpack it as the following:
$ wget
$ tar xvf node-v0.2.0.tar.gz
Or using Git, we can pull that down by the following command, if you installed Git of course like I told you to:
$ git clone
$ cd node
$ git fetch --all
$ git tag
$ git checkout v0.2.0
tar xvfz node-v0.10.20.tar.gz
cd node-v0.10.20/
make install
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