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mynimi / jquery.stickyNav.js
Last active March 31, 2020 20:51
jQuery Sticky Header Plugin
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* jQuery Sticky Navigation Plugin
* Original author: Myriam Frisano (@mynimi)
* Licensed under the MIT license
* How to use:
* $('nameOfNavToBeMadeResponsive').stickyNav();
mynimi / createpost.rb
Created June 16, 2015 15:50
A front matter generator in Ruby
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# encoding: utf-8
require 'fileutils'
# for colored output
class String
def red; "\033[31m#{self}\033[0m" end
def green; "\033[32m#{self}\033[0m" end
def brown; "\033[33m#{self}\033[0m" end
def gray; "\033[37m#{self}\033[0m" end
def bold; "\033[1m#{self}\033[22m" end