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Created Apr 24, 2019
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Sample of using funcool/cats {:mvn/version "2.3.2"}
(ns kondo.cats
[cats.core :as m]
[cats.monad.either :refer [left left? right right?]]))
(defn assoc-b
[m v]
(right (assoc m :b v)))
(defn merge-2
[m m1 m2]
(right (merge m m1 m2)))
(defn thread-first
(m/->= (right {})
(#(right (assoc % :a :b)))
(assoc-b :c)
(merge-2 {:c :d} {:d :e})))
(defn assoc-b-last
[v m]
(right (assoc m :b v)))
(defn thread-last
(m/->>= (right {})
(#(right (assoc % :a :b)))
(assoc-b-last :c)
(merge-2 {:c :d} {:d :e})))
(defn thread-as
(m/as->= (right {}) xxx
(#(right (assoc % :a :b)) xxx)
(assoc-b-last :c xxx)
(merge-2 xxx {:c :d} {:d :e})))
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