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Mixin Network Full Node and main net introduction

When Mixin main net will be online

2019-02-28 00:00:00 UTC

Who is behind the first nodes group?

Mixin development team will select professional team to build the first 7 nodes.

In fact 15 genisis node.

How the main net start up

Information of the first batch nodes will be written into genesis.json of Mixin Network. The network will start work before 2019-02-28 00:00:00, and first snapshot will be generated on 2019-02-28 00:00:00. The first 15 nodes connect to each other, communication is proteced by whitelist IP and port.

When other full node can join the network

A specification and technical document about node will be made in the first few months. Other node can freely join in when the document is published.

Basic process

  1. Send a pledge transaction
  2. Setup a VPS with large RAM and at least 1T SSD.
  3. listner in config.json, it should be vps's IP or domain.
  4. signer private spend key should be in config.json
  5. Find a running Mixin Network node, stop mixin.service,archieve snapshots folder by: tar cvf snapshots
  6. Transfer archieve snapshots.tar to new VPS and extract snapshots folder
  7. Start full node Mixin Service after pledge transaction is successful

How to become a full node

There will be a simple tool to help node to join and exit. You need to prepare a linux server, 10,000 XIN token, and a Mixin Network account. The Mixin network account represent you to verify transaction, receive rewards, and receive refund when you exit Mixin Network.

Remind: There is NO voting or delegate in Mixin Network

How many XIN token is required to become a full node

10,000 XIN token per node. You can make two node if you have 20,000 XIN token.

The node has to pledge more token in next year.

How to exit from Mixin Network as full node

It is similar to join process. Use our tool, pay 100 XIN to whole network as exiting fee, the pleadged 10,000 XIN token will be refund to your Mixin Network account which verify the transaction in Mixin Network.

Reward to all nodes

Every year, 10% of the reserve pool will be reward to all nodes. Every day, the reward will be sent to all nodes based on a fixed formular.

90% to full nodes group, 10% to light node.(Not yet implemented)

Light node(Not yet implemented)

The reward to whhole light nodes group is distributed based on pleadged XIN token. To reduce calculation workload, only integer part of XIN token will be accepted. For instance, only 3 XIN token will be accepted even if you pleadge 3.8 XIN token. There is no cost and fee to join as light node and exit. And light node can join and exit at any time.

Full node

The reward to whole full nodes group is distributed to all nodes, each nodes get same amount awards.

Punishment to faulty full node

There is no possibility for double spending and hard fork in Mixin Network. The only possible attack could be faulty node failed to broadcast a verified transcation. Some UTXO will be permanently obsolete in this case. The other honest full nodes can easily found this kind of attack and isolate the faulty node automatically. The faulty node has to request a testmony process to all XIN token holders. XIN holders will vote and final conclusion is decided by voting result.

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