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Last active Apr 23, 2020
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List of Android apps that I use.


This is the list of apps that I use or have tried in past. Bold ones are those which I am using currently.


  • Google keep note: Like the simplicity and sync around.
  • Evernote: No good client for Linux and have too much functionality.
  • OneNote: haven't used it and might not use it.
  • journal and various other CLI based: Just didn't got that feel and didn't had a good android support.
  • Firefox notes: If they can improve that I might switch to that.


  • Firefox: For ones and for all, not planning to switch maybe won't switch in future.
  • Chrome: Just ain't for me but I use it sometime for hacking stuff(for pasting loads of content on cyberchef etc)


  • Proton VPN: currently using this because of the free plan.

  • Tried lot of them and some have ads issue or some have expensive premium.

  • I might try Firefox VPN in future, once it's available for my country.

Password manager

  • Firefox vault: Using this since it syncs with the firefox Browser well. And also have a decent android support.

  • Bitwarden: Great open source password manager but the issue was that it had issue in catching the new logins. So I had to add them manually which sucked.

  • Was thinking of trying lastpass because of their really nice password generator(which firefox vault doesn't have) and their multiplatform support. But they are not free :( also if firefox adds the password generation feature I might not switch.

Music Service

  • Youtube Music: Student premium(79 INR/mo). No ads on Youtube(via youtube premium). Have almost all the songs. Wish they add the support for podcasts.
  • Amazon prime: This just sucks. Bad player, shitty interface and some of the music that I want is missing.
  • Spotify: premium is a bit too much. Also for some damn reason didn't accepted my debit card.


  • Spotify: Again great app and all but some podcasts are missing especially PlanetMoney(how can they miss that)
  • PlayerFM: didn't use the premium but the normal version had lot of lags. By lags I mean it can sometimes take like a good minute to start the podcasts(no, it wasn't my internet problem)
  • Pocketcast: Haven't tried this yet but I might just buy this. One time payment of (90 INR)

Launcher for android

  • Nova launcher: This is the best one out there. Premium version(300 INR one time payment)
  • Have tried lot like POCO, Microsoft, Niagara, Eviebut none of them had that much functionality as much Nova provides

Activity tracker

To track what all app I used and for how logins

  • App Usage: currently the best one out there for android. On premium subscription(300 INR/yr)
  • Activity Watch: On PC
  • Waiting for the Activity watch to be released for android(still under dev)


  • For novels - ReadEra - Everything is great about this, just can't afford the premium version right now. But will surely buy it(Someday 🤞)
  • I've used Moon+ reader for a while and it's also good but I prefer ReadEra :)
  • For Articles from internet - 90% of them are saved in Pocket, great app and also they improved the interface.

For Reddit and twitter

  • I have used number of apps for them and in the end I decided to stick with Sync for reddit and twitter lite for twitter.
  • For reddit, joey for reddit was really awesome but they have added loads of adds now and premium is quite expensive.

Money management

  • Money Manager: really simple and quite amazing app, just need ability to add entry for previous days.
  • I have used lot like monify, wallet, money lover but all of them have too much, they aren't as simple as Money Manager
  • Splitwise: For spliting bill easily with friends.

File manager

  • Solid explorer: Premium(I got it in 20 INR).
  • Tried others like Files by google, normal Files app(the default one), File explorer ex, FX file explorer but didn't like any of those. Some were too smart and suggested lot of shit likes File by google or some had a bad GUI like FX file explorer
  • I used to liked File explorer Ex then they added ads and made an expensive premium option.

LastFm scrobbler

  • Pano scrobbler: Simple and works properly all the time.
  • scroball for I liked the GUI but lot of time it failed to detect the playing song and would either send no data to LastFM or would add something totally diffrent. Also they added ads.
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