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Example for channels, inspired by vansimke's YouTube tutorial
package main
import (
const (
logDebug = "DEBUG"
logInfo = "INFO"
logError = "ERROR"
type logEntry struct {
LogLevel string
Text string
func main() {
logCh := make(chan logEntry)
doneCh := make(chan struct{})
go logger(logCh, doneCh)
defer func() {
doneCh <- struct{}{}
logCh <- logEntry{LogLevel: logInfo, Text: "Application starting up."}
logCh <- logEntry{LogLevel: logInfo, Text: "Application shutting down."}
func logger(ch <-chan logEntry, doneCh <-chan struct{}) {
for {
select {
case entry := <- ch:
fmt.Printf("[%v] %v\n", entry.LogLevel, entry.Text)
case <-doneCh:
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