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Send text from Quicksilver to Pushover (iOS) in a URL that will copy the text to the clipboard via Drafts, then redirect to Launch Center Pro. Special character safe.
-- I got some help for the curl part from
property app_auth : "..."
property user_key : "..."
property drafts_key : "..."
using terms from application "Quicksilver"
on get direct types
return {"NSStringPboardType"}
end get direct types
on process text my_input
set title to "Sent to Clipboard from Quicksilver"
set quote_cmd to "usr/bin/env python -c 'import sys; import urllib2; print(urllib2.quote(sys.argv[1]))'"
set quoted to do shell script quote_cmd & " " & quoted form of my_input
set message to "drafts://x-callback-url/create?text=" & quoted & "&action=Copy%20to%20Clipboard&key=" & drafts_key & "&afterSuccess=Archive&x-success=launch:"
do shell script "curl --silent -F token=" & app_auth & " -F user=" & user_key & " -F title=" & quoted form of title & " -F message=" & quoted form of message & " > /dev/null"
on error a number b
display dialog a with title "error with your QS action script"
end try
end process text
end using terms from
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