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@nabinno nabinno/anonymous-gist.
Last active Jul 30, 2017

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align_assignments false
align_case_when false
align_chained_calls true
align_comments true
align_hash_keys false
double_newline_inside_type :no
indent_size 2
parens_in_def :yes
spaces_after_comma :one
spaces_after_lambda_arrow :one
spaces_around_binary :one
spaces_around_block_brace :one
spaces_around_dot :no
spaces_around_equal :one
spaces_around_hash_arrow :one
spaces_around_unary :no
spaces_around_when :one
spaces_in_commands :one
spaces_in_suffix :one
spaces_in_ternary :one
spaces_inside_array_bracket :never
spaces_inside_hash_brace :always
trailing_commas :never
visibility_indent :align
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