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The bug

  The model is something like:
  Person: { name: String }
  Car: { name: String, driver: {type: Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'Person'} }

// Somewhere we do this…{
  owner: Model.findOne.bind(Model, {name: 'Owner'}),
  driver: car.populate.bind(car, 'driver')
}, function (err, o) {
  // … but we NEVER come here
  console.log('The driver is:',;


The fix

Instinctively, we tend to remove implicit, here meaning removing partial applications:{
  owner:  function (cb) { Model.findOne({name: 'Owner'}, cb) },
  driver: function (cb) { car.populate('driver', cb) }
}, function (err, o) {
  console.log('The driver is:',;

But why???

The real signature of functions is function (cb, other_results):{
  owner:  function (cb, results) { Model.findOne({name: 'Owner'}, cb) },
  driver: function (cb, results) { car.populate('driver', cb) }
}, function (err, o) {


That means our previous code with bind should translate like this:{
  owner:  function (cb, results) { Model.findOne({name: 'Owner'}, cb, results) },
  driver: function (cb, results) { car.populate('driver', cb, results) }
}, function (err, o) {

Mongoose Document#populate

The documentation can be a bit vague, but populate can take any number of arguments. The most important one in reality is the last one. If it's a function then the query will be immediately executed and result passed to this callback, else it will return a Query to be executed later.

car.populate('driver', cb, results)
                            This is not a function


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