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Learn How to Create Postgresql Server on Termux Terminal. ### Drop Comments 💧

Termux && Postgresql

How to create Local Database On Termux Terminal

  • Install the Postgresql Servers first to your Termux Terminal.
initdb ~/pg
  • Start the Server
pg_ctl -D ~/pg start
  • Create a username for your database anything you want it to be:
createuser -P -s -e Your_Username
  • Make sure you change Your_Usernams to what ever you want.
  • Now Let create Database Username:
createdb -O Your_Username Your_Database
  • Note: You must change your username to the username you provided before and change your database to your new database name use any name you like also.

Thanks for your time ! Feel free to contact me via Telegram: John on Telegram

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efranelas commented Mar 6, 2021

Thank you! After that I used this command to connect:

psql -U myDatabaseUsername -d myDatabaseName

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ItsAleph commented Sep 30, 2021

Thank you very much! It very helpful!

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nairacalm commented Sep 30, 2021

Thank you very much! It is very helpful!

I'm glad to hear that

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