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Python & Postgres Heroku Deployment

Python Heroku Deployment

Steps to create a postgres database and deply a Python app to Heroku

Install guinicorn locally

pipenv install gunicorn
pip install gunicorn

Install Heroku CLI

Login via CLI

heroku login

Create app

heroku create appname

Create database

heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev --app appname


heroku config --app appname

# Add to your app

Create Procfile

touch Procfile

# Add this
web: gunicorn app:app

Create requirements.txt

pip freeze > requirements.txt

Create runtime.txt

touch runtime.txt

# Add this

Deploy with Git

git init
git add . && git commit -m 'Deploy'
heroku git:remote -a appname
git push heroku master

Add table to remote database

heroku run python
>>> from app import db
>>> db.create_all()

Visit app

heroku open
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