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Enclosure serial console commands
Note: Not all commands are supported, 'help' lists supported commands.
acfail_sim Simulate AC Fail condition
auto_iic_recovery Enable/disable the automatic bus recovery.
batt_cell_balance Override auto cell balancing by individually turning on/off the balance FET s
batt_clear_cell_fault_poh Clear the Power On Hours stored as a result of a >500mV cell imbalance fault
batt_clear_eol_capacity Clear the maximum derived capacity stored in the selected battery
batt_diag_mode Switch battery into diagnostic mode (battery manager on/off)
batt_dump_regs Diagnostic dump of the battery registers
batt_faults Issue battery faults
batt_reset Reset a battery. (default=soft) (fg=Fuel Gauge)
batt_set_capacity Fake a battery capacity to a specific value
batt_shutdown Cause an unexpected shutdown fault in the selected battery
batt_voltage Display voltages for each battery
battheartbeat Report the battery heartbeat data
battmgr_getvpd Display battery manager controlled FRU data
battstats Report the battery statistics for a given battery
canmgr_faults Canister Manager faults
canmgr_getvpd Display canister manager controlled FRU data
cblmgr_faults Cable Manager faults
cblmgr_setPowerState Sets the CblMgr power states for Vact and Vman.
cblmgr_setportled Sets host port indicator states
cblmgr_setrates Sets the specified CblMgr's tx and rx rate values.
cblmgr_setthreshold Sets the specified ports threshold values.
change_password To change Current User Password
clear_iic_bus Clear locked I2C bus
clearbatterrors Clear the battery errors for a given battery
cleardrivefault Clears drive fault set by CLI
cleardriveindicator Clears the drive indicator LED
clearpsufault Clears a CLI-set PSU fault
clearsilentfail Clear the silent fail test
clearswapbit Clears multi-initiator swap bits
core_set Set a core throttle level
cpld R/W operations to the canister CPLD.
custvpd_stats Dumps customer vpd region read/write stats
ddump System-wide diagnostic dump
ddump_battery Diagnostic dump for the Battery Manager service
ddump_bufcli Diagnostic dump for the buffered CLI service
ddump_canmgr Diagnostic dump for the Canister Manager service
ddump_caps Diagnostic dump for the global capabilities tree
ddump_cblmgr Diagnostic dump for the Cable Manager service
ddump_cli Diagnostic dump for the CLI service
ddump_discovery Diagnostic dump for the Discovery service.
ddump_drvmgr Diagnostic dump for the Drive Manager service
ddump_encmap Diagnostic dump for the Enclosure Map service
ddump_envctrl Diagnostic dump for the Environmental Control service
ddump_events Diagnostic dump for the Event service
ddump_expmgr Diagnostic dump for the Expander Manager service
ddump_fail_log Dump crash log from SRAM
ddump_flashup Flash update diagnostic dump
ddump_frulog Diagnostic dump of FRU Logging information
ddump_ha Do a diagnostic dump of all HA Service data
ddump_hid HID service diags
ddump_i2cdev Dumps the i2c Bus Manager device state and device access statistics
ddump_ipc Diagnostic dump for IPC
ddump_jobs Diagnostic dump for the background jobs.
ddump_log Logging service diags
ddump_ndr Diagnostic dump for the NDR service
ddump_nvlog Non-Vol logging service diags
ddump_phycounters Dumps the PHY Counters
ddump_pwrmgr Diagnostic dump for the Power Manager service
ddump_remotebufcli Diagnostic dump for the remote buffered CLI service
ddump_ses_caps Diagnostic dump of all SES service capabilities data
ddump_ses_counts Diagnostic dump of all SES page counters
ddump_ses_hosts Diagnostic dump of all SES hosts
ddump_ses_mem Diagnostic dump of all SES services internal data
ddump_ses_pages Diagnostic dump of all SES pages
ddump_smp Diagnostic dump for smp storage service
ddump_statesave Diagnostic dump of StateSave information
ddump_statistics Diagnostic dump for the Statistics service
ddump_timetracker Diagnostic dump for the Time Tracker service
ddumpo Ordered system-wide diagnostic dump
disc_clear_stats Clears the Discovery Service's runtime statistics.
dischargingbatt Set number of batteries to discharge at a time
disconnected_mode Display mode to use in case of HA IPC link failure
drivebypass Drive Manager drive bypass
drivelinkdown Move drive to link down state
drivelinkup Move drive to link up state
drivepresence Simulates the presence or removal of a drive
drvmgr_faults Drive Manager faults
dump_alarm_list Command to dump the alarm list in ,order of priority.
dumpdrives Quick view of all drives
dumpnexuslist Dumps the initiator's nexus list
dumptasklist Dumps the current SCSI target task list.
energystar Energy Star diagnostics
envctrl_coeff Environmental Control coefficient modifier
envctrl_fan Environmental Control fan diagnostics
envctrl_faults Environmental Control faults
envctrl_freq Environmental Control frequency modifier
envctrl_getvpd Display envctrl service controlled FRU data
envctrl_read_coeff Read Environmental Control coefficient
envctrl_read_pid_freq Read Environmental Control pid freq(in sec)
envctrl_setpoints Environmental Control setpoints modifier
envctrl_stats Environmental Control internal statistics
envctrl_zone Environmental Control temperature zones
event_clr_stats Clears the Event service statistics
event_test Generate fake events
exit To logout from the cli connection
expmgr_faults Expander Manager faults
expmgr_getvpd Display Expander Manager controlled FRU data
fan_fault Simulate fan faults.
fan_set Set a fan speed
frulog_clear Clear all FRU Logs from pcm and battery
frulog_status Display current FRU Log status
frulog_test FRU Log test
fwstatus Reports status of GEM firmware images.
fwtest Activates test code in the firmware download subsystem.
getbattstatus Report the battery status for a given battery
getboardid Get this board ID and mode
getdrivebaycount Get number of drive bays
getdrivestatus Get drive bay status
getenclosuresn Get the enclosure serial number
getenclvpds Report general enclosure and canister VPDs
getenclwwn Get the enclosure WWN
getmetischarge Report the Metis charge for a single or dual controller system
getmetisstatus Report the Metis status for the enclosure
getpsustatus Get status of power supply
getsepwwn Reports embedded expander's SSP port WWN.
getvpd List all VPD information
gncli Run CLI command on remote GEMNet node
gncomponent Display GEMNet discovered components
gnconnect Make a GEMNet IPC connection to another component
gndisconnect Disconnect a previously created IPC connection
gnipctest Send some test data over the current IPC connection
gnlink Display GEMNet link information
gnlinkfaults Display GEMNet link fault statistics
gnlinkstat Display GEMNet link statistics
gnping Send a frame to another GEMNet node
gnroute Display GEMNet routing table
gpio_read Reads the status of a GPIO pin.
gpio_set_dir Configures a GPIO pin as either input or output.
gpio_write Set a GPIO pin's output data.
ha_readdata Reads data from local canister
ha_senddata Sends data across the HA link
heapdump Dumps memory heap
help Displays command information
hid_activity_state Command to dump the drive activity state.
hid_clear_alarm Clear a system alarm (see ddump_hid for index)
hid_disp Command to set the HID display
hid_dump_phy_map Dumps HIDs Activity LED PHY map
hid_faults Human Interface Device faults
hid_get_switch Get switch status
hid_hex_id Set enclosure ID display mode to hexadecimal
hid_kill_buzzer Disable/enable enclosure buzzers
hid_set_alarm Set a system alarm
hid_set_buzzer Control buzzer rate
hid_set_ident Set/clear enclosure identify mode.
hid_set_led Set LED state
hid_set_switch Simulates the switch status.
hid_test_mode Control hid test mode
hspower Hotswap Channel Power control
iclearstats Clears the SCSI initiator stats
iic Perform I2C read/write
iic_eeprom_erase Erase I2C EEPROM (CAUTION!)
iic_eeprom_read Read I2C EEPROM
iic_eeprom_write Write to I2C EEPROM
iicfault Force/clear a fault condition on the specified bus. Running the command wit h no arguments reports the current forced fault status for each bus.
iicstat Get I2C bus stats. Default=All buses
iicstatclear Clear I2C bus stats. Default=All buses.
induce_crash Deliberately induces a processor crash.
induce_watchdog Deliberately induces a watchdog reboot.
injectelecfault Inject/clear electronics fault
ipconfig Set IP Configuration in VPD
istats Reports the SCSI initiator stats
itest Performs an initiator test by sending repetedated writebuffer commands
logclear Clear logged msgs
logcmt Insert comment in logdump
logcounters Display log counters
logcounterszero Clears log counters
logdump Display logged msgs
logdumpnv Display Non-Vol logged msgs
logdumpsc Dumps the self configuration log
loglevel Control which msgs to log
lognv Non-Vol logging service
logstream Stream logged msgs to console
logtest Creates test message of each severity level in the logs or fills log with a number of critical messages
logtest_len Test cmd to produce long log messages
memdump Dumps a block of memory to the console
meminfo Displays information about the currently allocated memory.
phy_edgeconf Display PHY Edge buffering settings.
phy_params Display PHY analogue parameters.
phy_plmap Display logical <-> physical phy mapping.
phy_txconf Set PHY TX Analogue settings.
phy_zone Dumps a phy's zone information
phydump Reports status of SAS PHYs on the expander.
phystate Enable/Disable PHY or PHY group
phytest Configure/Control PHY test pattern/stats
pmbus Perform pmbus read/write operations
poweroffdrive Powers off a drive (includes spin-down)
powerondrive Powers on a drive (includes spin up)
poweronidle Powers on a drive (no spin up)
psmi_detect Detect PSMI PCM, display info
psmi_dump_regs Dump PCM's PSMI registers
psmi_read_sensors Read PSMI PCM's sensors
psmi_reg Read/write PSMI register
psmi_set_fan_speed Set PSMI PCM's fan speed
psmi_set_led Set PSMI PCM's LED state
psmi_twi Read/Write battery registers
psmi_watchdog Enable/disable PSMI PCM watchdog pings
pwrmgr_faults Power Manager faults
pwrmgr_getvpd Display power manager controlled FRU data
pwrmgr_ignore_pwok Ignore Power Supply PWOK Signal
r16 Reads a 16bit register.
r32 Reads a 32bit register.
r8 Reads an 8bit register.
reboot Reboot the expander.
report_faults Reports all system-wide faults
reset_counter Reset specified counter(s)
reset_saved_zone_info Erases saved zone information from flash and resets the context with defau lt values
reset_timetracker Reset the statistics that have been collected about Time Tracker clients
reset_user To reset User password
resetdrive Reset a drive (power off; power on; spin up)
resetinjecteddischarge Reset injected discharge
routetable Dumps the expander direct & hashed route tables
scsi_rqst_limit Sets the operational parameters of the SCSI request limiter.
ses_reportpage Display SES status pages in human-readable form
ses_set_bcast_filter Sets broadcast filter
ses_set_bcast_rate Sets broadcast rate
ses_simulate_event ses_simulate_event
ses_statuspage Display SES status pages in hexadecimal form
set_battvpd set battery vpd fields
set_custvpd set cust_vpd fields
set_ebodvpd set ebod_vpd fields
set_encl_id Set enclosure ID
set_fanvpd set fan vpd fields
set_midplanevpd set midplane vpd fields
set_pcmvpd set pcm_vpd fields
set_startup_flag Modifies a startup flag state to test the boot recovery mode.
set_swaptimeout Sets the timeout for clearing the canister swap bits. The timeout starts af ter the first host read of page 02h. When the timeout has expired, new hosts read of page 02h wil l see ALL swap bits cleared.
set_zone_mode Change default configuration for zoning
setbattremoval Prepare a battery for removal from Metis
setbattver Set Battery version
setcanisterfault Set/Clear the local canister fault status
setcanisterhealth Set/Clear the local canister health status
setcanisterindicator Set/Clear the local canister indicator status
setcanisterstr Set/Clear the local canister safe-to-remove status
setchargethreshold Set battery charged threshold
setdischarge Start a manufacturing or learning discharge for a given battery
setdrivefault Fakes drive fault
setdriveindicator Set the drive indicator LED
setmaxpowerreq Simulates the value for the maximum power requirement
setmetischarge Set the Metis charge for a single/dual controller
setmetisprotect Set the Metis protection mode
setpsufault Fakes a PSU fault
setpsuload Sets a pcms 12V rail load
setswap Set the swap bit for a particular FRU.
settime Sets unit time
sgpio_get_status Retrieves the status of the SGPIO port.
sgpio_set_bit Directly sets an SGPIO bit.
sgpio_set_sload Sets the SGPIO port SLOAD bits.
sgpio_sim_failure Simulates an SGPIO device failure.
show_ddump_order Show the order in which the 'ddumpo' commands are executed
shutdown Enclosure shutdown request
silentfailinfo Get status information about the silent fail timer
smp_test SMP Test command
smplog Reports logged SMP messages.
spindowndrive Spin down a drive
spinupdrive Spin up a drive
statesave Initiate a StateSave to flash
statesave_clear Clear all StateSaves from flash
statesave_status Display current StateSave status
temp_fault Simulate temperature sensor faults.
temp_set Set a temperature sensor reading
temp_threshold Set a temperature threshold for a zone
test_ac_fail Calls the AC_Fail IRQ handler to test write to flash and event recovery to log on reboot
test_fail_log Primes SRAM crash log with test data.
test_hold Update hold state for the statistics CLI hold buffer
test_hpc Test the high-precision counter
test_tick_rollover Set up a timer-tick rollover test.
testsilentfail Test the silent fail solution - one rail per PCM at a time
update_counter Update specified counter(s)
uptime Uptime meter
ver Version information
vpd Read entire VPD EEPROM
vpd_recov Request VPD recover
w16 Writes a 16bit register.
w32 Writes a 32bit register.
w8 Writes an 8bit register.
zone_perms Dumps the zone permissions table
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