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  • Ohana 3DS
  • Ohana 3DS Rebirth (can't open overworld models?)
  • pk3ds (tools -> unpack)

##Unpacking/Repacking files in romFS

  • Open pk3ds packing tool from tools menu
  • Drag a/N/N/N -> unpack at top of pkedit tool window
  • Folder is created
  • Open/edit models in this folder
  • Drag a/N/N/N_g/ folder -> repack at right of pkedit tool window

##Editing/viewing with Ohana

  • Open Ohana
  • Stay on model tab
  • Open file which you extracted earlier in a/N/N/N_g/
  • Use export/edit buttons to edit model
  • Select textures tab to view/replace textures

##romfs locations From


-Pokemon Models are in a/0/0/8
-Trainer Overworlds are in a/0/2/1
-Trainer Battle Models are in a/1/3/3
-Trainer mugshot images are in a/1/6/0 
-Map models are in a/0/3/9
-Map Textures are in a/0/1/4

###XY Authors: Kaphotics, Magical, Zhorken

a/0/0/0: bits of Pokémon status interface?  strings seem to indicate status icons, type icons, damage class icons,...
a/0/0/1: 3 × CGFX
a/0/0/2: pokelist (more bits of interface?), camera & lighting CGFX
a/0/0/3: substitute texture (+model?) 
a/0/0/4: moooore bits of interface?
a/0/0/5: battle interface? status/type icons
a/0/0/6: species related binary file
a/0/0/7: pokemon models
a/0/0/8: map fade animation
a/0/0/9: 20 BCH (+1 dummy) “tuki(h)(0-9)”, 3 binary
a/0/1/0: child menu (gray)
a/0/1/1: cute menu (orangered)
a/0/1/2: encounters (other map data?) zonedata in [360.0]
encounters - 
location names - (@0x1C zd, txt file 72)
a/0/1/3: map models
a/0/1/4: config UI
a/0/1/5: bclims/an - berries “nuts_pile”, balloon, background
a/0/1/6: amie minigame yarns, puffs & UI
a/0/1/7: pokepuff UI
a/0/1/8: camera UI
a/0/1/9: namechange/input UI
a/0/2/0: alphabetical/phonetic sorting logic binaries?
a/0/2/1: MM BCH (overworld entity models?)
a/0/2/2: 269 * 24byte, 1*136byte (16 entries, 8bp?)
a/0/2/3: 78 * (4byte header count, 0x50 entry)
a/0/2/4: 380 BM BCH map objects (fountain, chandelier)
a/0/2/5: 144 * (4byte header count, 100byte entry)
a/0/2/6: bottom screen UI (PSS/Amie bg, Pokemon/Bag Circulars)
a/0/2/7: PSS specific UI (dummy trainers, birthday, icons)
a/0/2/8: reaction faces, amie buttons UI
a/0/2/9: super training UI
a/0/3/0: super training bags, enemy portraits
a/0/3/1: 59 * (4byte length)
a/0/3/2: cursor & hover effects (waza oboe)
a/0/3/3: 1779 × CGFX - battle effect graphics? 
a/0/3/4: pokeball model
a/0/3/5: vs trainer plates & battle fade gfx
a/0/3/6: 904 × SESD
a/0/3/7: 16 × CGFX emitted models (exclamation, heart)
a/0/3/8: 785 * 20 bytes
a/0/3/9: 178 * 16 bytes
a/0/4/0: Trainer Pokemon
a/0/4/1: 1030 * varied GR
a/0/4/2: 227 * varied MM
a/0/4/3: amie face
a/0/4/4: amie hand
a/0/4/5: pss enemy/self connection
a/0/4/6: pss interaction option buttons
a/0/4/7: pss lower team bclan
a/0/4/8: pss interfare(?) redundant stuff
a/0/4/9: pss yesno 
a/0/5/0: pss msg
a/0/5/1: pss npc & icon folder
a/0/5/2: pss select effects
a/0/5/3: pss checklist
a/0/5/4: pss object select
a/0/5/5: pss lower window anim
a/0/5/6: pss menu sprites
a/0/5/7: pss config
a/0/5/8: pss selectmenu 
a/0/5/9: pss battle lower
a/0/6/0: 1 binary
a/0/6/1: 39 binary * various (floating point numbers?)
a/0/6/2: Weather Effects ~ 9 * WE CGFX/BCH
a/0/6/3: bag sprites
a/0/6/4: salon 8 * CGFX
a/0/6/5: 2 * CGFX ~ kujira_CullingShader
a/0/6/6: Lumiose subMap
a/0/6/7: pss colosseum
a/0/6/8: 1 binary (4 byte entries?)
a/0/6/9: town map UI
a/0/7/0: title language UI
a/0/7/1: report (last on / off)
a/0/7/[2-9]: text (ja-kana, ja-kanji, en, fr, it, de, es, ko)
a/0/8/[0-7]: script text 
a/0/8/8: Clothing Mannequin model (612 bch), 19 binary
a/0/8/9: Player Trainer models
a/0/9/0: ???  ← as about everything? (signed int tables? 1091)
a/0/9/1: Apparel animation/UI
a/0/9/2: TM BCH for gym04
a/0/9/3: pokemon icons (945, 40×30) (montage)
a/0/9/4: item icons (579, 30×30) (montage)
a/0/9/5: move category sprites
a/0/9/6: bordered message boxes (?)
a/0/9/7: held item sprite, xp/hp fillers
a/0/9/8: pkmdata summary view sprites (pkrscure, penta, marks)
a/0/9/9: time spinner
a/1/0/0: cursor
a/1/0/1: cries (3751×CSEQ + 997×CWAR)
a/1/0/2: 160 CGFX (okashi/Candy)
a/1/0/3: 2 CGFX (lighting?), 1 BIN (22byte entries, 307 total)
a/1/0/4: box UI (backgrounds,etc)
a/1/0/5: 24 CGFX pokeballs
a/1/0/6: pokeball models
a/1/0/7: 1 BIN (2049 bytes)
a/1/0/8: TM CGFX (‘jump out’ tobidashi)
a/1/0/9: 4 CGFX, 5 BCH, 1 darc (pokeselect)
a/1/1/0: grass gym ™
a/1/1/1: shop UI
a/1/1/2: 1 bin, PSS spritebuilding 
a/1/1/3: badge case
a/1/1/4: pokemon view UI 
a/1/1/5: intro CGFX
a/1/1/6: encount tile/panels (pc, 30 each)
a/1/1/7: pc buttons
a/1/1/8: trade UI
a/1/1/9: super training UI
a/1/2/0: super training minigame stuff with 85 BCH, 1 CGFX 
a/1/2/1: 47 * 12 bytes
a/1/2/2: 36 * (header count @0x4, 0xC entry length)
a/1/2/3: 48 * 32 bytes
a/1/2/4: 80 * 236 bytes
a/1/2/5: 80 * 216 bytes
a/1/2/6: 500 * 36 bytes (end is unused)
a/1/2/7: 500 * 28 bytes (end is unused)
a/1/2/8: 63 * 120 “”
a/1/2/9: 50 * 120 “”
a/1/3/0: 80 * 20
a/1/3/1: 100 * 244
a/1/3/2: 58 * 244
a/1/3/3: 80 * 64
a/1/3/4: 80 * 80
a/1/3/5: 109 CGFX (effects?)
a/1/3/6: little bit of data for each pokemon form
a/1/3/7: evolution (shinka) CGFX & UI
a/1/3/8: pokedex data sprites
a/1/3/9: 2 TM (no ext?)
a/1/4/0: Team Flare NPC Models
a/1/4/1: common menu window
a/1/4/2: 2 binary (index tables?)
a/1/4/3: 28 CGFX cameras + darc video related
a/1/4/4: 44 CGFX (mega transformation animations?)
a/1/4/5: battle backgrounds?
a/1/4/6: 26 BCH, 4 CGFX, 105 BG BCH
a/1/4/7: 1 TM (rope/door)
a/1/4/8: 1 TM BCH (fire)
a/1/4/9: 170 binaries
a/1/5/0: GTS Background & Windows
a/1/5/1: 44 * various
a/1/5/2: holo caster streetpass pokeball jpeg (with exif data!), debug camera
a/1/5/3: assist power UI related
a/1/5/4: box search UI
a/1/5/5: 4 * SESD
a/1/5/6: TM berrytree
a/1/5/7: gym6 cgfx/anim
a/1/5/8: customize amie
a/1/5/9: amie bg 224 bclim (misc backgrounds/items)
a/1/6/0: pokepuff sprites
a/1/6/1: benri/handy button
a/1/6/2: remembering move (waza omoidashi) UI
a/1/6/3: finger pointing down icon
a/1/6/4: pokeride TM CGFX (riding rhydon)
a/1/6/5: title screens, map models
a/1/6/6: list menu window
a/1/6/7: 1 TM CGFX (skeletal wing? haze)
a/1/6/8: 1 TM CGFX
a/1/6/9: 6 × CGFX
a/1/7/0: wonder UI
a/1/7/1: 6 × CGFX
a/1/7/2: gamesync
a/1/7/3: 26 BCH
a/1/7/4: 1 TM BCH gym08
a/1/7/5: 1 TM CGFX
a/1/7/6: text dialog windows
a/1/7/7: 1 TM CGFX
a/1/7/8: trainer sprites
a/1/7/9: battlematch UI
a/1/8/0: 66 * SESD
a/1/8/1: TM cut tree animation CGFX
a/1/8/2: TM rock smash(?) animation CGFX
a/1/8/3: TM rock strength(?) animation CGFX
a/1/8/4: TM dig animation (anahoru) CGFX
a/1/8/5: 4 CFNT fonts
a/1/8/6: Friend entry UI
a/1/8/7: TM water animation CGFX
a/1/8/8: 23 MM
a/1/8/9: 38 * 604 bytes
a/1/9/0: battle video save
a/1/9/1: TM CGFX of a red/blue switch & belt
a/1/9/2: a handful of grammar bits in different languages
a/1/9/3: traial UI/bg
a/1/9/4: 15 * various bin (16bit indexes)
a/1/9/5: TM BCH tr0906+ trainer models?
a/1/9/6: 2 BCH kujira_CullingShader
a/1/9/7: 1 BIN; 2A entries @ 0x54/84d ea
a/1/9/8: communications wait
a/1/9/9: 22 TGA images (TRUEVISION-XFILE)
a/2/0/0: friend safari UI
a/2/0/1: camera CGFX
a/2/0/{3,5,7}: Normal Maison, Super Maison, and Inverse Battle PKM 
a/2/0/{4,6}: Normal Maison & Super Maison Trainer choices
a/2/0/8: memory clear UI
a/2/0/9: homenix UI (no pressing home?)
a/2/1/0: com_towerin BCH 
a/2/1/1: com_tower BCH (buildings)?
a/2/1/2: move stats
a/2/1/3: egg moves
a/2/1/4: level-up moves
a/2/1/5: evolution data
a/2/1/6: mega "evolution" map
a/2/1/7: 8 * 404 bytes (101 entries)
a/2/1/8: pokemon stats (personal)
a/2/1/9: baby map
a/2/2/0: item stats
a/2/2/1: 718 byte binary (int vals?)
a/2/2/2: battle video UI
a/2/2/3: syoujyou (diploma/certificate) dex complete
a/2/2/4: dendoiri (certificate) BCH model 
a/2/2/5: language selection
a/2/2/6: number input lower
a/2/2/7: ‘picture watch’ 
a/2/2/8: eshop item present
a/2/2/9: battle institute certificate
a/2/3/0: TM BCH glittering grass
a/2/3/1: miracle wonder trade UI
a/2/3/2: vs battle UI (score)
a/2/3/3: TM BCH smoke/scaffolding?
a/2/3/4: battle house UI
a/2/3/5: TM BCH gym05 floor 
a/2/3/6: TM CGFX lighting (pichu heart/star?)
a/2/3/7: 6 TM models (face/armsbody)
a/2/3/8: TM BCH waterfall splash
a/2/3/9: type icons and other stuff 
a/2/4/0: bclims: “ally_gauge”, “bag_button”, “battle timer”...
a/2/4/1: bclims: “big_four_name01” through 04, “big_four_vs”, similar for champion/gym
a/2/4/2: vs win/loss images
a/2/4/3: bclims: “high_score”, “result_title”, …
a/2/4/4: bclims: “clear”, “cleared”, “gameover_c”, “meter_bougyo”, …
a/2/4/5: 1 SESD
a/2/4/6: live/world online tournament UI
a/2/4/7: 13 CGFX (flower,notes)
a/2/4/8: TM BCH fishing float bite
a/2/4/9: “The End” screen
a/2/5/0: two short files; all bytes 0x06 or below
a/2/5/1: odd, short file
a/2/5/2: bclans: “tutorial_active_lower”, “tutorial_lower_cansel”, …
a/2/5/3: bclims: amie and super training overview pics (tutorial?)
a/2/5/4: battle party poke select UI
a/2/5/5: 7 bins, 24byte entries (header u32 entry ct)
a/2/5/6: SMDH game icon (large/small) & 2 bin
a/2/5/7: battle video UI (local tournament?) -- lacking delete
a/2/5/8: staffroll credits
a/2/5/9: 36200byte & 400byte bins
a/2/6/0: stereo frame ani
a/2/6/1: game over ani
a/2/6/2: battle fade-in effects (flare rock fly etc)
a/2/6/3: game sync screenshots
a/2/6/4: pokedex captions / search filter UI
a/2/6/5: the end “Fin”
a/2/6/6: BCH CGFX type backgrounds (color & a sun) (hall of fame?)
a/2/6/7: fatal error screen
a/2/6/8: mode01 mode02 mode04 bclim
a/2/6/9: congratulations
a/2/7/0: fade animation

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SkedgyEdgy commented Oct 30, 2018

Does anybody know what the grayish "Body2" textures are for? Also where any of the animation files might be.

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