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"Type": "FunctionCompleted", <- Web Job Status
"EndTime": "2016-02-18T05:22:24.8783464+00:00", <- Time when web job ended
"ParameterLogs": {},
"FunctionInstanceId": " d463f402-04bd-48d4-bcad-ce7bafcb858a", <- The instance ID of the function being bound to. This unique is of GUID datatype
"Function": {
"Id": "testjob.Functions.ProcessSomething", <- Name of the function executed by the WebJob. Format - namespace.class.functionname
"FullName": "testjob.Functions.ProcessSomething",
"ShortName": "Functions.ProcessSomething",
"Parameters": [
"Type": "ParameterDescriptor",
"Name": "log" <- The only parameter for the function of the type TextWriter
"Arguments": {
"log": null
"Reason": "HostCall", <- Trigger. This can wither be ‘AutomaticTrigger’ (in case the web job is triggered by a scheduler or by automatic triggers waiting on Azure storage queue, table, blob or Azure servicebus quque) , ‘HostCall’ (if programmatically called) or ‘Dashboard’ (if invoked from the Azure portal)
"ReasonDetails": "This function was programmatically called via the host APIs.", <- Details behind the trigger reason
"StartTime": "2016-02-18T05:21:24.5586579+00:00", <- Web job execution start time
"OutputBlob": {
"ContainerName": "azure-WebJobs-hosts", <- Output blog container name
"BlobName": "output-logs/ d463f40204bd48d4bcadce7bafcb858a.txt" <- Output blog directory and blog file name
"ParameterLogBlob": {
"ContainerName": "azure-WebJobs-hosts", <- Parameter blog container name
"BlobName": "output-logs/ d463f40204bd48d4bcadce7bafcb858a.params.txt" <- Blog containing details of the parameters passed in
"LogLevel": "Info",
"HostInstanceId": "30e3f245-e9b7-4ae4-874f-bf459f879529", <- Unique identifier for the host instance . GUID datatype
"HostDisplayName": "namitstestjob", <- Non unique friendly name for the web job
"SharedQueueName": "azure-WebJobs-host-1acb50c517e341caa79880b13943cdfc", <- Shared queue identifier of the queue used by all the instance of this web job.
"InstanceQueueName": "azure-WebJobs-host- fcbbc1d8c82748779909a63b7da9785a ", <- Instance queue identifier of the queue used by the current instance. This will change every time a web job instance is re-initialized
"Heartbeat": {
"SharedContainerName": "azure-WebJobs-hosts", <- Container for the heartbeat log
"SharedDirectoryName": "heartbeats/1acb50c517e341caa79880b13943cdfc", <- Directory path for the heartbeat log
"InstanceBlobName": " fcbbc1d8c82748779909a63b7da9785a ", <- Blog name for the heart beat log
"ExpirationInSeconds": 45 <- Expiration time
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