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It's a mess but it worked... I was able to query several servers concurrently to find where I was logged in via RDP and logoff my sessions.
#Requires -Modules PoshRSJob
break; #Safety First - These bits of script are meant to match a user name
# and LOGOFF the RDP sessions of that user when passed a list of servers
# So... potentially very dangerous
# source:
$results = Start-RSJob -Throttle 20 <#-ModulesToImport dbatools#> -InputObject $TargetServerstoKILL_RDP_SESSIONS -Verbose -ScriptBlock { $username = 'kill.this.username'; Write-Output "$($_)..."; $sessionId = 7777777; Write-Output "`$sessionId = $($sessionId)"; quser /server:"$($_)" | Where-Object { $_ -match $userName } ; $sessionId = ((quser /server:"$($_)" | Where-Object { $_ -match $userName }) -split ' +')[2] ; Write-Output "`$sessionId = $($sessionId)" ; IF ($sessionId -NE "SESSIONNAME" -AND $sessionId -NE $null -AND $_ -NE $($env:COMPUTERNAME)) { logoff $sessionId /server:"$($_)" } ELSE { Write-Output "No match found for $username" } } | Wait-RSJob -Timeout 72 -ShowProgress -Verbose | Receive-RSJob -Verbose; $results | Out-GridView
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