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nanoDBA / ComparingSQLServerConfigs_sp_configure-need_to_turn_into_a_function.ps1
Last active Sep 5, 2018
Attempting to Compare sp_configure differences between two instances - TODO: need to change into a function
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<# To compare two server configs ( sp_configure ) #>
$oldProps = Get-DbaSpConfigure -SqlInstance 'SERVER01' # | Sort-Object ConfigName
$newProps = Get-DbaSpConfigure -SqlInstance 'NEWSERVER-02' #| Sort-Object ConfigName
$propCompare = foreach ($prop in $oldprops) {
if (($prop2 = $newprops | Where-Object DisplayName -EQ $prop.DisplayName) -AND ($prop2.RunningValue -NE $prop.RunningValue)) {
nanoDBA / Install-S1PlanExplorer.ps1
Created Jul 17, 2018
Download and Install SentryOne Plan Explorer
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<# download and install SentryOne Plan Explorer: 2018-07-16 release #>$PlanEXP_filename = "$env:USERPROFILE\downloads\PlanExplorerInstaller.exe"; Start-BitsTransfer -Source '' -Destination $PlanEXP_filename; & $PlanEXP_filename /install /passive /norestart
nanoDBA / future compatiblity level.sql
Created Jan 10, 2018
SQL Server knows your future compatiblity level... danger!
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--Do you really reallly want to run this?
DECLARE @highestcompatlevel TINYINT,
@dbname NVARCHAR(128),
@sql NVARCHAR(400);
SELECT @highestcompatlevel = MAX(compatibility_level)
FROM sys.databases;
SELECT @dbname = DB_NAME();
SELECT @sql = 'ALTER DATABASE [' + @dbname + '] set compatibility_level = ' + CAST(@highestcompatlevel AS NVARCHAR(3));
View storage-space-creation_with_share_and_ACLS.ps1
## DANGER - this script is an example and will likely NUKE DELETE REMOVE DESTROY DATA
## If you run this on a prod system, it may be a résumé / CV generating event that could hurt businesses
#List all disks that can be pooled and output in table format (format-table)
Get-PhysicalDisk -CanPool $True | ft FriendlyName,OperationalStatus,Size,MediaType
get-disk 1,2
#### Initialize Disks to GPT
get-disk 1,2 | Initialize-Disk -PartitionStyle GPT
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