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# date: 2017-11-17
# license: GPLv3
# author: nanpuyue <>
echo 'install: ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/hide_titlebar.json'
[[ -d ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts ]] || mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts
cat > ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/hide_titlebar.json << EOF
"name": "hide_titlebar",
"description": "Hide the Firefox titlebar.",
"path": "$HOME/.local/bin/",
"type": "stdio",
"allowed_extensions": [""]
echo 'install: ~/.local/bin/'
[[ -d ~/.local/bin ]] || mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
cat > ~/.local/bin/ << "EOF"
# date: 2017-11-17
# license: GPLv3
# author: nanpuyue <>
python3 -c "import gi; gi.require_version('Gdk', '3.0'); from gi.repository import Gdk, GdkX11;
$(for i in $(xdotool search --onlyvisible --class "Firefox|Nightly"); do
echo "GdkX11.X11Window.foreign_new_for_display(default_display, $i).set_decorations(Gdk.WMDecoration.BORDER);"
chmod +x ~/.local/bin/
echo 'done'
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listvin commented Feb 11, 2023

There is a problem with this solution -- it removes bars from all ff windows you have open, including other profiles which may not have this extension and thus deleting is unwanted

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erm3nda commented Mar 7, 2023

I don't remember the last time I used to need this. Modern Firefox can apply that from "Personalize taskbar" option, which is called "hide taskbar". It works as expected.

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