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napsternxg/NER eval.ipynb

Last active Nov 3, 2020
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Evaluate NER predictions
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from collections import Counter
def split_label(y):
label = y.rsplit("-", 1)
if len(label) == 2:
return tuple(label)
return (label[0], None)
def extract_entities(Y):
i = 0
while i < len(Y):
y = Y[i]
boundary, tag = split_label(y)
start = i
if boundary == "B":
i += 1
while i < len(Y) and split_label(Y[i])[0] == "I":
i += 1
yield (start, i, tag)
i += 1
def seq_metrics(Y_true, Y_pred):
true_counts = Counter()
pred_counts = Counter()
true_pred_counts = Counter()
for y_true, y_pred in zip(Y_true, Y_pred):
true_entities = set(extract_entities(y_true))
pred_entities = set(extract_entities(y_pred))
true_pred_entities = true_entities & pred_entities
y_true_counts = Counter((x[2] for x in true_entities))
y_pred_counts = Counter((x[2] for x in pred_entities))
y_true_pred_counts = Counter((x[2] for x in true_pred_entities))
true_counts += y_true_counts
pred_counts += y_pred_counts
true_pred_counts += y_true_pred_counts
return true_counts, pred_counts, true_pred_counts
seq_metrics(Y_true, Y_pred)
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