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About me, my social profiles and list of my some portfolio projects and work, etc.

Aloha, I'm Narain - Full-stack software engineer and Technical Lead at Rooted Global @RootedGlobal

PLEASE NOTE: This Gist file is created for sharing to clients/proposals for ease AND Most importantly - I will only work and accept payments through Upwork platform (for all contracts/jobs I get through Upwork platform) - click here to check my upwork freelance profile

@narainsagar @RootedGlobal

You can read more about me here and my website here

Rooted Global @RootedGlobal - Highly skilled Full-stack web & mobile development consultancy.

Moreover, Please feel free to check out to my company Upwork agency profile here and also the work-history/portfolios here

About Me 👍

Website | Blog | GitHub | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Stack Overflow | Youtube | Upwork | Resume

Hi, I’m Narain! A Full Stack software engineer, Web & Javascript specialist, community speaker, a tech mentor, an open source enthusiast and a freelance consultant passionate about web platform (especially JavaScript).
I recently moved to Italy from Karachi, Pakistan for my master's studies.
I’ve been working with Web Technologies (i.e., PHP & Laravel, Python & Django/Flask, Typescript, Angular, React, RxJS, Node.js, Express.js/Koa2, Loopback, Firebase, Webpack, Docker, etc) since 2015.
I’m a huge fan of test-driven development and maintaining a high standard of code quality by following the market-standards and best-practices. One of my key goals when developing a software is to design it in a way that it’s easy to maintain and scale.
I’ve been part of various projects where I’ve had the range of responsibilities from the development of a user-friendly UI with the help of JavaScript frameworks like Angular/React, well-documented API servers using NodeJS including a secure and scalable deployment of web-applications to cloud services like Amazon AWS.
Moreover, I enjoy speaking in front of a crowd, giving training, mentoring and sharing my knowledge through workshops or presentations at different community events and meetups (You can find my talks list and some opensouce contributions and volunteering work here). In my spare time, I enjoy watching cinemas, reading, traveling, visiting new places, and long walks.

Work History and Portfolios 🚀

Below are some of mine portfolio & related work history.

Freelance/consultancy work:

I always keep myself involved in various projects and spent ~25 hours / week on writing code, For the RootedGlobal's contracts; I look over everything and manage the small group of team as a Technical Lead (i.e., Gathering and analysing requirements, define scope and timeline, feedbacks and team-meetings with clients), creating weekly/Bi-weekly module/sprints, team management, mentoring, PR/code reviews, ensure code quality & writing docs, on-time delivery, contineous deployments, ensure automated testcases are covered (whereever required). Moreover, Sometimes, I like to work on DevOps related stuff i.e., configure/setup automated deployment pipelines, Docker, workflows etc.

You may check out more about RootedGlobal's work-history/portfolios here

Also, You can checkout to some of my open-source work and code-samples on GitHub:

My previous employment work history & project links:

In Novemeber 2019, I moved to Italy for my master degree education in

  1. Technical Lead (part-time) - DOT AND LINE CENTRES - Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Tenure: Jul 2019 - Dec 2019

  • About “Dot & Line”: Pakistan’s most transformative educational business providing after-school Math and English tuition classes to students nearby them home through certified Dot & Line Teacher partners. We have our own software’s to manage students, mark attendance and compute student’s improvements and efficiency through our own books and different level of problems and online lessons and quizzes.

  • Role: Leads and manages the tech team of 03 developers web, mobile and full-stack (i.e., expertise in major known frameworks; like MEAN & LAMP stack). I am highly specialized in project management, mentoring, client communication, trainings, agile/scrum SDLC, finalizing requirements & WBS, creation & deliverables of project milestones and distribute tasks among resources, continuous integration & delivery, rapid customer feedbacks and deployments etc.

  1. Full stack software engineer - SweepWidget - Remote
  • Tenure: Apr 2018 - Feb 2019
  • About: Aimed to develop and maintain the web project. Client had a initial requirements to integrate various API's (social API's and OAuth, Email clients, Stripe Payment gateway etc). The social API integration includes: Twitter, Youtube, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, AWeber, Mailjet, Mad Mimi, Constant Contact, Stripe, etc. Also setup and configure automated deployment process with GitLab CI (free-tier) and fix bugs and add various new features, UI improvements, code refactoring and maintain the website.

Prior to this, I've worked with this client before as part-time freelancer.

  1. Senior Application Developer - Recurship - Karachi, Pakistan.

some of my cool open-source starters code over GitHub:

some of my open-source code-samples over GitHub:

Looking forward to talk to you soon.



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