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➜ wf-android git:(master) ./
Loading filemover...
File mover for wf-android
Please enter the module to move files to (e.g. :features:auth): :features:login
Please enter the module to move files from (e.g. :features:legacy): :features:legacy
Please enter the package(s) you wish to move, separated by commas: login
Beginning folder migration to /Users/narendrakumar/wealthfront/wf-android/features/login
Creating a new folder in /Users/naren/wealthfront/wf-android/features/login/src/main/java/com/wealthfront...
Moving class files to /Users/naren/wealthfront/wf-android/features/login/src/main/java/com/wealthfront/login
Moving resource files to
Moving test files to
Moving successful!!
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