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A minimalist implementation of a javascript promise
// (c) copyright / John Hann
// License MIT
// For more robust promises, see
function Promise () {
this._thens = [];
Promise.prototype = {
/* This is the "front end" API. */
// then(onResolve, onReject): Code waiting for this promise uses the
// then() method to be notified when the promise is complete. There
// are two completion callbacks: onReject and onResolve. A more
// robust promise implementation will also have an onProgress handler.
then: function (onResolve, onReject) {
// capture calls to then()
this._thens.push({ resolve: onResolve, reject: onReject });
// Some promise implementations also have a cancel() front end API that
// calls all of the onReject() callbacks (aka a "cancelable promise").
// cancel: function (reason) {},
/* This is the "back end" API. */
// resolve(resolvedValue): The resolve() method is called when a promise
// is resolved (duh). The resolved value (if any) is passed by the resolver
// to this method. All waiting onResolve callbacks are called
// and any future ones are, too, each being passed the resolved value.
resolve: function (val) { this._complete('resolve', val); },
// reject(exception): The reject() method is called when a promise cannot
// be resolved. Typically, you'd pass an exception as the single parameter,
// but any other argument, including none at all, is acceptable.
// All waiting and all future onReject callbacks are called when reject()
// is called and are passed the exception parameter.
reject: function (ex) { this._complete('reject', ex); },
// Some promises may have a progress handler. The back end API to signal a
// progress "event" has a single parameter. The contents of this parameter
// could be just about anything and is specific to your implementation.
// progress: function (data) {},
/* "Private" methods. */
_complete: function (which, arg) {
// switch over to sync then()
this.then = which === 'resolve' ?
function (resolve, reject) { resolve && resolve(arg); } :
function (resolve, reject) { reject && reject(arg); };
// disallow multiple calls to resolve or reject
this.resolve = this.reject =
function () { throw new Error('Promise already completed.'); };
// complete all waiting (async) then()s
var aThen, i = 0;
while (aThen = this._thens[i++]) { aThen[which] && aThen[which](arg); }
delete this._thens;

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natalan Aug 23, 2012

Making separate repo with unit test for this gist:


natalan commented Aug 23, 2012

Making separate repo with unit test for this gist:

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