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Last active Feb 28, 2019

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Instructions for connecting to Naumachia
To connect to Naumachia:
  1. Install OpenVPN. Make sure to install the TAP driver.
  1. Obtain your OpenVPN configuration in the challenge.
  • You will obtain a separate config for each challenge containing connection info and certificates for authentication.
  1. Launch OpenVPN:
  • CLI: openvpn --config <challenge>.ovpn
  • Windows GUI: Place the config file in %HOMEPATH%\OpenVPN\config and right-click the VPN icon on the status bar, then select the config for this challenge

The standard subnet is, so give that a scan ;)

The virtual tap0 interface will be assigned the IP address by default. If multiple team members connect you will need to choose a unique IP for both.

If you have any trouble, please let me (nategraf) know in the Discord chat

Some tools to get started:
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